Q:  Who is the Ohio State Jural Assembly? 

A: The Ohio State Jural Assembly (OSJA) is a group of non-political, motivated men and women, 16 years  and older, that want a place at the table with our governing officials as the 4th branch of our state and federal governments, OSJA has been given proper authority as described in our founding documents, to monitor Ohio State public servants with full compliance to their Constitutional Oath of Office.

Q:  What is the OSJA mission?

 A: “WE, ONE PEOPLE", claiming our God Given Rights based in Christian Principles, intend to return and maintain the governance of Ohio, a Free and Independent nation = state to the status proclaimed by the Magna Charta, the Article of Confederation, Declaration of Independence, and the Original Organic u.S Constitution dated 1781. These God Given Rights are for ALL PEOPLE, realizing the only limitation, which affects a God Given Right is where there is a conflict between the Rights claimed by two or more sovereign people.

Q:  Where do we meet?

A: Currently, our state members meet once a week via Zoom calls.

Q:  How does the OSJA achieve its mission?


  • Enroll new members with proper paperwork

  • Appoint officers to fill key positions in the assembly

  • Vote to install a "de jure" (Lawful by the people) government body

  • Collect and Discuss evidence of crimes and grievance.

  • Decide on the processes, procedures, statutes, and limitations of their state and/or respective county

  • Investigate any matter that effect the People

  • We use a 3 step affidavit process

  • Call for a de jure Grand Jury

  • Command the activity of the organized civilian defense the Constitution against enemies both foreign and domestic.


Q:  I see that I need to sign documents to become a member.  Where do I find these documents? 

A:  You can email us at and we will send them, or you can go to our website and click the “become a member” section.

Q: Why print and sign in purple?

A: Purple is a color of nobility (and nobility is sovereign). We the People are sovereign, and as such signing in purple signifies our sovereignty.

Q: What do each of the documents mean?

A: Here’s a short “nutshell” of each document:

1. Declaration of Unalienable Rights: This declares that you recognize and stand on your unalienable rights.  Unalienable rights – sometimes called Natural Rights, God’s Rights, or Human Rights – are those rights that are granted to us as human beings being born on the land.  These rights cannot be taken away by any person, entity, or corporation.

2. Declaration of Independence Cir. 2020: This document is based on the organic Declaration of Independence.  There is also a clause recognizing the corrupt corporate government, and absolving any allegiance to this corporate government.  This means you claim your independence, you have your rights.  It does not mean that you are removing your citizenship from the corporate government.  If you choose to do so, that is something you may pursue on your own.

3. Jural Covenant of Office: Part of the Assembly is a formation of a Common Law Grand Jury.  This Jury will serve in a common law manner to honor and uphold lawful intent for one People.  This document states that if appointed you will accept and carry out the duties as a member of the grand jury with honor and integrity. You do not need to put anything in the “renewal” line of this document (just leave blank).   If you are called to be on a grand jury, it is voluntary, you may decline.

Q: Where are these documents stored and how are they secured?

A: You will need to send the original copies to our post office box to secure a copy for our records. The original copies will then be sent back to you. Currently our Moderator keeps the documents in a locked file. Upon election of a recording secretary, the documents will be transferred to him/her, and kept in their locked and secure file.

Q: Why do I only sign my first and middle name?

A: In common law your first and middle name IS your name, and identifies you.  Your last name is your family (or tribe) name.  Thus, you only need to identify yourself with your first and middle name.  If you wish to sign your last name, you can still do so. Your witnesses may also sign with their first and middle name.

Q: Is there any risk to signing these documents:

A: In today’s corrupt society there are risks to anything you do. There are risks in taking action, but there are also risks in doing nothing! In fact, by doing nothing, the risk of our personal freedoms and liberties being eroded is not only likely, but virtually assured! These documents were designed with protection in mind, and so our members can attest that they are acting lawfully. These documents are not a contract of any kind, and you can withdraw them at any point.  These documents stay in our possession but are available for anyone to see in the De Facto government to prove our INTENT, which is to NOT overthrow a government, but claim our unalienable rights.


Q: How were these documents developed?

A: The documents were developed and written by the Michigan state Assembly, which has been in lawful operation for several years.  Many other state assemblies are using Michigan’s document templates. Ohio is one of those states that chose to use Michigan’s documents, and modify them to fit Ohio. You can go to and click on “Handbook” and then click on Appendices B, C, & D to see the original documents.


Q: Can I still join the Ohio State Jural Assembly if I do not sign the documents?

A: No. At this time any man or women wishing to become a member of the Assembly must be up to date on member documentation.  If you do not wish to sign the documents you are still welcome to join any of our public educational calls or public platforms.

Q: Is there a time limit in which I must sign the documents?

A: Nope!  Take as much time as you need to read, understand, and feel comfortable with the documents. 

Q: Where do I send the documents?

A: Please print and mail to the below address.  We will make a copy to keep for ourselves and return the originals to you.  We would like your contact info for emails and mailing your documents back, so on a separate piece of paper, please include contact info.

Q:  How long have assemblies been forming and what successes have they had?

A:  There are several assemblies that have formed over the years, but not many.  The need wasn’t as great through the years as it is today.  People are seeing their unalienable rights taken away and 1) have no clue that is unlawful and 2) had no idea they could do anything about it.  So, over the past couple of years, the people are waking up and starting to form their assemblies.  You must know that we have no instruction booklet, our instruction comes from bringing back the Constitution, our Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence and not let them get pushed to the wayside.  We all must do our homework do read those documents that lay out for us what our rights are and what rights the de facto government have over us based on what WE GAVE THEM in the Constitution.  We pick up the pieces and we are not re-inventing anything, just trying to get back to the Constitution and our Bill of Rights.  It’s not easy, we are all busy, we are unsure of our rights and what we can do and we are afraid.  We are afraid we will be doing something illegal.  There is nothing illegal about practicing our 1st Amendment right to assemble and make notice to our public servants of our grievances.

Q:  How is the Ohio State Jural Assembly different than other groups forming and other assemblies?

A:  The Ohio State Jural Assembly prides ourselves on doing things “lawfully” (Constitutionally).  We don’t worry about being “legal”, that’s the stuff that applies to the De Facto government but we the one People need to act lawfully and make notice lawfully and that’s how we will make progress, grow and be taken seriously.  There is a process to being lawful!  We should focus on getting the groups around Ohio to become members of the OSJA.  The power is in the numbers.  Every county in Ohio needs to get their county settled and be an assembly for their county to deal with their county issues….vaccines for schools, masks, child protective services taking your children which is unlawful without harm, a speed limit sign or anything else the county would like to address as we the one People to the public  servants.  The state assembly will eventually have delegates from the counties when they get settled, and they will be part of the state assembly.  It is a process, try not to get overwhelmed.  Educate yourself and we will help and let’s move!

Q:  What’s a good way to start my county?

A:  If you can get some people together who are interested in listening to who we are and what we are doing, just gather them for a zoom call, or we will travel for a presentation.  We will help you every step of the way.  We like to send interested people to our website for learning and contacting us.  Once you gather and listen, your group can decide if you would like to claim your rights and let your public servants know they are in violation to your unalienable rights and their oath of office.  You decide what rights you want and what rights you want them to have over you by your consent and by your SILENCE!  Learn to stand your ground when you are being violated.  That is what the assemblies are for, the people together are much stronger than being independent.  Both are needed!