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As I started down my path as a  patriot, being a free and independent man on the land, I knew I wanted to be free of tyranny and did not want suppression of my unalienable rights (You know them as your Civil Rights).  I focused and researched so I could learn how our corrupt courts work, and why and how everything that they do (Government) is to steal our wealth.


My journey started with the IRS putting a “21 Day Notice of Lien” on all of my Bank Accounts in 1992 for taxes in 1989.  I sued them in Federal Court for theft. In the six-month process of going thru the proceedings of the court, I discovered that we were never required to pay any taxes. It is “Voluntary Compliance”, which is an oxymoron of words. The Government has a full repertory of oxymorons. They do this to confuse the people of the truth. I discovered how to give notice to the Government and remove myself from the requirements of being a “Taxpayer”. From this experience of events, I have gone on to learn many different types of law (Civil, Roman Civil, Common, Constitutional, Trust and Equity laws). In 2016, I got involved in forming assemblies in this state of Ohio. I took my Oath of Office as a U.S. Continental Marshal, by Chief Justice Robert Gilland of the Michigan Grand Jural Assembly.


I have been diligently working to establish county (Committees of Safety) cross the great state of Ohio. I assist in their organization, their settling, and announcement to the Defacto Governments. Their communication with the Ohio State Jural Assembly and coordinate the needs of the county (assembly/Committee of Safety) with that of the State Assemble. I also provide enforcement of any County/State Assembly that would not be operating as a lawful assembly.

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