The Ohio State Jural Assembly- Our Story

OSJA has written and adopted a Bilateral Social Compact outlining the Assembly position. Reading it will help you grasp our direction.
The OSJA was settled in 2020, and has lawfully developed a plan of action to hold public servants accountable to their Oaths of Office. Public servants who violate their Oaths of Office to uphold the Constitution of the United States as well as the Ohio Constitution may be served affidavits and given opportunities to remedy their violations.
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Team Meeting
The need for Assembly
and County Committees of Safety:
  • People are no longer willing to have their unalienable rights violated.

  • Becoming aware that it is unlawful to violate our rights we can lawfully take action by forming The Ohio State Jural Assembly and County Committees of Safety.

  • We are practicing our 1st Amendment right to assemble and make notice to our public servants of our grievances. Holding them accountable to their oaths of office.

  • ​Your county may already have a committee of safety, if not, contact us to find out how to start one.

  • Please note that as in most things in life, there may be risks in taking action, however there may also be risks in non-action.

  Become a Member of the Assembly

To become a member of OSJA, you need to:   

  • Be 16 years of age or older

  • Complete your membership paperwork. These documents were designed with protection in mind to prove we are both acting lawfully by declaring intent to stand on our rights and not overthrowing a government.  

  • FAQ about Documents


The membership documents to be signed include:

  1. A Declaration of Unalienable rights – innate rights we have as human beings. These rights cannot be taken away by any entity, corporations, person,

  2. Declaration of Independence Cir. 2020 based on the organic Declaration of Independence.  This document recognizes that you are claiming your independence from corrupt government and claiming your independence and rights. Not removing your citizenship.

  3. Jural Covenant of Office: The Assembly may at some point form a Common Law Grand Jury.  This document states that if you choose to accept and carry out the duties as a member of the grand jury you will do so with honor and integrity. Serving on a Common Law Grand Jury is voluntary, you may decline.

  • Consider becoming a part of a subcommittee

  • Someone from your county should attend the weekly online State assembly meeting. When your completed paperwork is received you will be given instructions on how to login to the meeting.

  • Become a part of your county’s committee of safety, if your county has one

  • Provide contact information.

  • Know that officers are voted in.

OSJA Regional Map.png

Click on the Ohio map to  see if your county has a Committee of Safety and connect to the County Moderator.  If there is no CoS, let us know you're interested in getting it started!