We, One People, holding our elected officials accountable to their oaths of office.

  • We are NOT powerless against government!

  • Committees of Safety are County Watchdogs.

USA Flag

2 minute introduction

REMEMBER Your rights are from God.


  • These God given rights are unalienable, The word there is LIEN not Alien!

  • We have the responsibility to protect them.

  • Our Constitution for the United States for America protects those Rights.

  • The Declaration of Independence is a declaration of our power and authority to control the government and ensures we maintain our Rights.

  • Government has been overreaching their powers outlined in our federal and state Constitutions.


  • Over time our unalienable Rights have been ignored and violated.


  • Americans have begun to realize they have lost their Rights.

  • With the Assembly YOU have the power to rectify this violation of unalienable Rights.

Mission Statement:

“WE, ONE PEOPLE, claiming our God-given Rights based in Constitutional Principles, intend to return and maintain the governance of Ohio, a Free and Independent nation-state to the status proclaimed by the Magna Carta, the Declaration of Independence, and the Original Organic Constitution dated 1787 and amended 1791.